It seems as though every year at this time, usually close to the HAWK Halloween Parade, I get knocked off my rocker with a cold.  I have an easy regime that I start on at the first sign of a cold.

First, I give my immune system a boost by taking a vitamin and zinc product.  Airborne really works for me but there are many other products on the market that do the same.  I find if I catch it early, I can usually spook away any early symptoms.  And if it's a full blown cold, the severity won't last as long.  These zinc and vitamin C products are loaded with natural herbal extracts and amino acids.

Extra sleep, tea and soup is a cold's best friend. Soar throat?  Honey and lemon works great but always use local honey.  Big brand honey will not help you.  Drink lots of fluids especially water and tea really help.   Every DJ I know swears by Throat Coat tea from Traditional Medicinals.  It should be easy to find at area grocery stores and health food stores.  Try to drink tea as hot as possible so the steam hits your membranes. There's something about the steam that helps heal.  Stay away from dairy for a while, especially if you have nasal congestion.

Over-the-counter products can help but for the most part, avoid multi-symptom products that do it all.  Generic store brands are fine and save you money.

Nasal congestion can be nasty and can make your head feel like a balloon.  Most of the cold remedies dry you up and only make you feel worse.  A friend of mine recommended a Neti Pot.  At first I was skeptical but this ancient method really works and will actually aid in preventing infection.

It's very very important to not use straight-out-of-the-tap water with your Neti Pot.  You must first boil your tap water or use distilled water.  Unboiled tap water can carry bacteria and you don't want that.  For best results, make sure your water is lukewarm.

Here's how the Neti Pot works:

Best of luck with that cold.  Let me know if I left out a remedy that works for you.