I come from a music-loving family. Growing up, we all played the organ and piano, learned to read music and took regular lessons with Mrs. Callahan right out of her west side Binghamton home.  Recitals would be very nerve racking on this ten year old but I would always seem to make it through. I wasn't the best, but I sure loved to play music.

Any kind of music can have a therapeutic effect on the body.  While I may have a very eclectic music taste, my first choice is country, thank you very much.  More and more studies are proving the overall healthy effects of people that listen to music. Any kind of music.

I know the power of music first hand from my mom's battle with dementia and later, Alzheimer's disease.  She responded to music more than anything else.  It was a simple and effective therapy for her.  My mom's favorite was Anne Murray's Greatest Hits on the Bose radio I gave her to enjoy in her room.  One of my greatest memories was taking her to see Anne at the Arena here in Binghamton.  It was just the two of us.  She knew every word.  The power of music. Later, it was one of the few things she would respond to when she could no longer speak and her body was shutting down.

While world leaders cannot agree on everyday politics, music is something that can bring people together from all sides of the world.  I've always said that if there was more music and fewer politicians, this could be a very different world.

Listening to music of all genres is important for kids to use as a learning tool.  My friend Jen O' Brian of the Magic Paintbrush Project in Johnson City, has told me the importance of music in her programs of expression.  It's also known to help with kids and adults with Autism.  Studies have shown that classical music will help plants grow stronger and healthier.  Heck, over the years, I have talked with many listeners who tell me country music soothes their dogs, cats, birds and cows.

Music is powerful.  What is your experience with the power of music?  Let me know in the comments section below.