April is Autism Awareness month and Christine Dunlap is a single Mom from Greene who has not one, but two children with autism.  To make life even harder, Christine was in a horrible car accident that left her handicapped.  It’d be easy for Christine to sit back and sulk about the obstacles that life has thrown at her, but instead she holds her head high.  Not only does Christine find time to juggle multiple surgeries around carrying for her autistic children, but Christine is a giver.  Christine isn’t happy unless she’s doing something to bring cheer to someone’s day.  We thought it was time to give back to this special, courageous and strong woman and that's why we teamed up with Yogurtlicious inside Grocery Tree on the Vestal Parkway where 25% of each Yogurtlicious frozen yogurt yesterday was given to Christine and her family.

Special thanks to everyone who visited us at Yogurtlicious inside Grocery Tree!