Well, this is pretty big news.  It's just been revealed that Ben Affleck will play Batman in the next movie set to be released in 2015.

In a statement, Warner Bros. said "Affleck and filmmaker Zack Snyder will create an entirely new incarnation of the character in Snyder’s as-yet-untitled project — bringing Batman and Superman together for the first time on the big screen and continuing the director’s vision of their universe, which he established in 'Man of Steel.'"

While some people are excited to see Ben take on the role, a lot of people aren't crazy about the idea. The Twitter hashtag #BetterBatmanThanBenAffleck  started flying around Twitter last night after the announcement was made and fans suggested that Dame Judi Dench, Norman Reedus from "The Walking Dead," and the leg lamp from "A Christmas Story" could all do a better job with the role of the Caped Crusader.  Ouch!

What do you think?