The hills are finally alive with 'The Sound of Music' tonight at 8 on NBC-5, WBGH-TV.  It's event all Carrie Underwood have been looking forward to for many months as Carrie stars in the title role as Maria in a live version of the Rodgers and Hammerstein 1959 Broadway musical adaption of 'The Sound of Music.'

Carrie admits as showtime gets closer she is getting a bit nervous and warns, "someone is gonna trip."  'The Sound of Music' is a 3-hour live event on NBC tonight and will feature all the songs SOM fans know.  The Carrie soundtrack of 'The Sound of Music' was released this past Tuesday and will feature songs from tonight's live show, including the classic 'My Favorite Things.'

Good luck Carrie!  Your many HAWK fans in the Greater Binghamton are wishing you the very best!

Tonight's show required months of rehearsals and preparation.  Here's a special look at Carrie rehearsing backstage: