Today is Election Day.  After listening to all the back and forth between the two candidates, you may be ready to reach for a cold one. Are you saying "Let's drink to that?" But which drink will you choose.

Well what you choose to drink may determine who you choose to vote for today. So let's take a light (light beer) look at what your choice of beer says about you and your politics.

According to the Daily Mail, Americans who drink Dos Equis are middle of the road Independents.

That surprises me because if Doe Equis is good enough for the "most interesting man in the world" and his stance on beer (I don't often drink beer but when I do it's Dos Equis).

I would think a Dos Equis drinker would know exactly who he/she wants to vote for. Yes, I know he's not there anymore but another interesting man is taking his place.

Heineken drinkers are Democratic voters while Samuel Adams drinkers are Republican, and more likely to vote.

A Coors Light drinker is delusional, because it's not really beer. Okay, okay, I made that one up. The election is today so get out and VOTE and remember, they don't let you drink in the voting line.

In all seriousness and in my opinion, the elephant and the donkey will not save us and this country...only the Lamb can.

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