Apparently The Binghamton Police Force is experiencing an infestation of tiring proportions. They have been finding BED BUGS in the patrol cars! If you think about it, it's not really that surprising. Any police force has the task of dealing with the worst element that the city houses on a daily basis. People that have little regard for other people or themselves. If you've watched any episode of COPS on TV you've seen these brave public servants enter houses that are just a mess. A mess that attracts cockroaches, and other undesirables... like bed bugs.

I have heard the city is doing everything they can to stop the spread of the bed bugs in the cars by having the cruisers fumigated the minute an officer finds a bug. The problem I see here is that the back seats of the squad cars have a plastic insert over the seat to protect the interior. The inserts have small openings for a bed bug to crawl into. Leaving a protected area for the bugs to thrive in the foam of the seat. Just like in between a mattress and a box spring. Now these poor guys and gals have to strip from their uniforms in their garages before entering their homes. Sheesh