Beard Yeast... oh that sounds tasty.  Well that could be what's being used to quench your thirst the next time you have a brew.  Rouge Ales, a brewery in Oregon is making this ale from the beard follicles from brewmaster John Maier.  He's an award winning brewmaster, so that makes it ok.

It actually started out as a joke at the brewery.  The brewery was looking for new yeast strains but had little luck.  John hadn't shaved his beard since 1978 and someone came up with the idea to check his beard for some "magic" yeast.  It turned out to be great for fermenting beer.  Maier  says not be grossed out because yeast is everywhere.  I know there is a lot of things in a hot dog as well but I don't want to know about it before I eat it, the same thing applies with this beer.

Rogue Ales is currently using it for test brews and will release a final version of beard beer in 2013.  They plan on calling it "New Crustacean."  I like the name "Beardweiser."  Give me a Beardweiser with a little whisker and get one for the girl next to me.  I don't see that being a successful pick-up line any time soon.   Make mine a Beard.