HAPPY TAXGIVING DAY. Today is the day that the government wants your money. Traci has some wonderful hints to help you out. Today is also the day you must file your extension but you need a good reason...These are not the reasons to give.

5) Got really bad paper cut from 1040 form. Passed out for a couple of days.

4) Trying to get the lipstick kiss on the signature line just right. No, I'm not trying to kiss any particular part of the body.

3) H. Block finished on time, but R. Block was really, really slow.

2) Still waiting to hear from Publisher's Clearinghouse. I know I'll hear from them this year, I can feel it.

1) Try to explain to the IRS that the longer they wait, the more excited they'll be when they finally get it. After all, anticipation is half the fun....isn't it.

As an American, I'm proud to pay taxes.....I could also be just as proud paying half of it.