I'm sure by now you've seen the advertisements on Facebook for Scope bacon flavored mouthwash. People have been flooding my personal page with images and video because I'm a bacon lover, but is the mouthwash legit or just a delicious prank?

Scope's commercial describes the previous "crowning achievements of bacon." It's first crowning achievement? Being bacon. Other achievements include carbonated bacon, "spreadable bacon," bacon shaving cream, and a bacon Kevin Bacon portrait. Now comes the bacon mouthwash, "for breath that sizzles."

I've searched  for answers to find out if this is legit and I'll tell you if it is a prank, Scope is doing an awesome job pulling it off. While this would make an awesome gag gift for bacon lovers, something tells me this has all been an elaborate setup for the perfect April Fool's prank.  After all, today is April 1st.