Question from Marcie:

I have a friend who loves to see every new movie the weekend it comes out. How does this affect my life, you ask? She can't help but tell me about the movie in detail and spoil every ending to every movie she sees! I've told her in the past I hate when she does this, and then she apologizes and does it AGAIN! How do I make her stop??

Mt Answer:

Yeah... That's annoying! Well! You can just give in and go see every movie she does, which you probably don't have the time or money to do. You can forbid her to come over until you've seen the movie she just watched, then you'll never see her.

You could always do something childish and annoying like plug your ears and yell LALALALA!!!! every time she starts talking about a movie. When she looks at you like a freak just say I don't wanna hear the summary I want to watch the movie! You could substitute the lalala's for a quick interruption saying NEW TOPIC PLEASE. Anyway if you interrupt her enough she'll either get peeved and leave, or find out talking about men or purses suits you better!