Question from Melody:

How do you put a Halloween costume on a flighty parakeet?

My answer:

Well Melody... I would advise against it as doing anything like that can cause your bird to have a "Fowl Reaction" HA HA!! Ahem.

To be serious I advise against it unless you've taken some time to train the bird to be dressed simply so you don't lose the trust of your bird. Doing anything to the bird that makes them feel uncomfortable might harm your relationship with them.

Another thing to consider is the fact that Keets are so small  I doubt you'd find or could make anything that wouldn't be cumbersome to the bird. At one time my mother owned two Keets and they lived a long happy life with an expanded diet and fresh water. She never dressed them up or anything but they were great birds!

I've heard of "Halloween Flight Suits" that can be purchased for larger birds like parrots. However while doing my research for your question and finding the website to purchase a flight suits, I've ran across discussion groups stating that larger birds barely tolerate the suits. Some of the smaller birds barely can get their little feet to touch the ground after the suit is in place. However, the flight suits at the link I provided are just like regular flight suits designed to harness the bird in public. They keep the wings completely free and look fairly easy to put on. If you really want to dress your bird up for the ghoulish holiday... This is probably the best way! Since I've never dressed up a Keet, I did find a video that might help you "get a grip" on your task: HERE

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