The question by Tyanne from Greene:

In the past you've talked about dealing with stress, well how do you specifically deal with emotional stress?

My Answer:  Well, you didn't specify what kind of emotional stress you were experiencing but there are many ways I cope in a "dark cloud" moment. For instance, when any of my loved ones passed I just tried to keep busy. Finding things to do kept my mind off the emptiness and pain inside. Talking about how you are feeling with loved ones ready to listen and support you is the remedy along with time. It takes time to heal all wounds.

The same would go for the loss of a Boyfriend or Girlfriend, keep busy, however I just gave myself time to reflect on the relationship and the many things that didn't work. Talk with your friends about what they saw while you were in the relationship, an outsiders view really opens your eyes as to what really was going on.

If it's an out of the ordinary situation, such as abuse, fear of someone or something or straight out trauma inflicted upon you that induces that kind of emotional reaction, you may need to talk to someone about it. It could be as easy as confiding in a trusted friend or as hard as bringing yourself to a professional that can help you sort it out. After any negative event the one thing you'll need is time. I know I said this earlier, but it takes time to heal. Talk about it, keep busy and keep your chin up!