The question by Chelsea from Vestal:

Photo by Andy Lyons-Getty Images Sports

I'm 33 weeks pregnant and just ate a piece of cake from my baby shower 2 days ago. I left the cake sitting on my counter as I always do with cake. It was bought at Weis. After eating it, I began worrying about the ingredients, like milk and eggs. Or whats in the frosting? Did any of those things go bad while sitting on the counter? Now, I'm not feeling well. My baby is moving a lot and I'm worried the cake is causing him discomfort in some way??

My Answer:

Well, Ever since I was a kid my mother left the remnants of birthday cakes on our counter, and I mean until the cake was hard as a rock! None of us ever got sick. Your logic makes sense with the cake containing milk and eggs. Those do go bad quite quickly if left out at room temp when raw. But both of these ingredients have been cooked into the cake.

What's in the frosting you ask? Well... This is probably why your feeling your baby moving around alot, SUGAR! Heh heh, your son is probably on a bit of a sugar rush. You are sharing the sugar rush with the baby of course, making it even less harmful. Unless of course you ate all the frosting from the whole cake. Then that would be bad for anyone.

One of my friends is also expecting and a lot of things cause her to not feel well. I think the latest was Mac & Cheese... In my opinion, I think you'll be fine. If you feel worse, or are really worried about this DO NOT hesitate to call your doctor!