Question from Michelle:

My best friend is dating this guy. I realized that I like him too, and he likes me but he also likes her. He is super sweet and funny and stable. He makes me happy and makes me feel good about myself. I never told her that I have feelings for him out of fear that she'd be really upset. I really do think he and I would be perfect together. What do I do? I like him a lot and can’t make those feelings go away… but I don’t want to lose my best friend!  Please HELP!!!

My Answer:

Well Michelle... This is a tough one for you I can tell. Unfortunately unless they break up and you decide to not obey the non-written rule of "Don't date your best friends Boyfriends/Exes... EVER" your out of luck. You are in the dark zone of a potential love triangle. I don't know your best friend but if you end up with him, no matter how it ended, she'll have animosity toward you. I have seen this very thing happen and work out to begin with. Everyone was friends but then the girls' relationship faded away.  The girl who "won" the guy spent more time with the dude than the friend. I mean how would double dates work? It would be your friend, her new boyfriend and you with her ex. Feels messy and awkward. Only when the guy was out of both of their lives did the friendship rekindle. So it's simple really. Lose the friend gain the guy, or keep the friend and keep looking.

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