Question from Mike:

I have a 1989 Cadillac Deville, the passenger side window goes down but will not go back up. Do you think it is window motor or power switch?

My Answer:

Mike my guess is the the window switch. If it were the motor the window wouldn't move at all. It could be a case where the track the window lift mechanism sits in is sticking under the weight of the window. If the motor is "tired" the combo of the two conditions will stop the window from moving up. However you should feel the window try to move it's getting stuck. Those switches get exposed to the elements more than you think they would. Did you or someone who owned the Caddy previously leave the window down in the rain? How many winters have you put the window down at a drive through or simply to wipe the snow off of the side mirror and snow fell into the switch? The moisture causes the switch to corrode and fail. If you are confidant enough with your mechanical prowess to remove the switch, do so and look at the contacts. if it looks discolored or has a white powdery substance on it, that is a tell tale sign of switch failure. It could have just plain worn out as well. Try a local junkyard to get another switch before tearing the door apart. you will thank yourself that you did.

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