Looks like this baby girl and her daddy know a thing or two about parking lot parties.


Hannah Grace Mary Pavlik decided to surprise her mom Erica and dad Frank earlier this month by arriving in the parking lot of a Chicago gas station exactly 33 years after her father was also born in a parking lot. What are the chances?


Erica gave birth to two boys before Hannah made her appearance into the world and endured 10 hours of labor with the boys so when she started to have contractions with baby Hannah, she assumed it was a false labor. Not so much.


Erica called Frank and they decided Erica’s Mom should take her to the hospital just in case, but Hannah had other plans.


Just five minutes into the ride to the hospital, Erica’s water broke and not long after, Hannah was born with the help of a police officer.


What’s so ironic about this is that Hannah’s Dad, Frank, was born in a parking lot on August 18, 1980, 33 years to the day that his little girl was also born in a parking lot.