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The NFL Division championships are this Sunday.  The NFC championship is San Francisco at Atlanta 3pm on CBS.  The AFC championship is Baltimore at New England 6:30pm on CBS.

With all the New York teams out of the playoffs (and the Redskins too.)  Many people in the Southern Tier will be rooting for the Jones boys, but which one.  If you didn't know, Arthur and Chandler Jones are from Endicott. They both went to Syracuse University.  Arthur plays for Baltimore and Chandler for New England.  Chandler is a rookie Defensive End that suffered a ankle injury last week but is expected to play.  Arthur is a Defensive End as well.

The good news is that one of them are going to the Super Bowl.  The bad news is that one of them are not.  Their parents, Arthur and Camille will cheer for both.  Their middle brother, Jon, is the light heavyweight champion of the UFC.  He also is rooting for both.  That is a family I wouldn't mess with.

Arthur currently has the bragging rights in the family.  Earlier this year, Baltimore beat New England by one.  They both know, what really matters is who wins this weekend.  One will be going to their first Super Bowl.  It's been a great year for both Jones brothers.  It's been a very good year for Jon, he won both of his championship matches.

It's a blessing and a unique situation for the family and I'm sure their enjoying it as much as they can.  Good luck to the Jones. Who am I cheering for?  I find myself pulling for Arthur and Baltimore.  Why?  That way as a Redskin fan, I can say Washington beat Baltimore(earlier this year).  Kind of the way, I was cheering for the Giants last year (In case you forgot, Washington beat them first and last, last year.)  As a Cuse fan, I win either way.