When it comes to New Year's Eve, there's no doubt that the ball drop in New York City is one of the most famous New Year's Eve celebrations in all of the world, but it's definitely not the only massively popular and totally over the top party. The Huffington Post found seven other cities that ring in the New Year in a really big way. I've always wanted to ring in the New Year in New Zeland. Maybe someday...

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    Auckland, New Zealand

    One of the things I love to see while I'm watching the New Year's Eve in NYC celebration is when they show celebrations in other parts of the world, and every year, without fail, they show the sea of people gathered around the Auckland Harbor to watch fireworks go off from the city’s massive Sky Tower.

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    Bangkok, Thailand

    Bangkok may have copied the NYC ball drop, but they've got something we don't. Warm weather. The Bangkok celebration is hosted by Thai pop stars and people also make the customary trip to give offerings of things like food, candles, and flowers to the monks at one of the nine sacred Buddhist temples.

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    Barcelona, Spain

    If you were to visit Spain on New Year's Eve, you'd wouldn't be kissing at the stroke of midnight- you'd be eating 12 grapes. Each grape is supposed to bring good luck for the months ahead.

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    Berlin, Germany

    Berlin is home to one of the largest New Year's Eve parties in all of Europe. More than a million people get together to create the Party Mile, where they drink lots of alcohol, and watch an impressive fireworks and laser display.

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    Dubai is known for doing things over the top, so it no surprise how big their New Year's Eve celebration is.  About two BILLION people gather in front of the city’s Burj Khalifa skyscraper to watch as fireworks. The show follows a four-hour show of lasers, fire, water and music at the Dubai Fountain.

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    Edinburgh, Scotland

    Hogmanay, or "last day of the year," is such a big New Year’s event that it actually goes on for four whole days. There are street parties, concerts, and more, including the tradition of jumping into freezing water. A Viking-led torchlight procession ends the celebration.

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    Goa, India

    The gorgeous beaches of Goa are covered into what can only be described as massive rave parties where the alcohol flows freely and party-goers dance until dawn.