My cell phone has made my life a little easier. Your's too probably! We now have a camera, video game system, GPS, WIFI and personal assistant in our pockets. However you just may be annoying the sqwat out of your peers. I'm gonna post you a list of stuff your most likely doing. So stop.

#1.)  Spamming your friends' Facebook feeds.
  This is when you post about personal things on other people's Facebook walls . . . your causes, your politics, or worst of all your breakup/personal info.

#2.)  Texting and parking.  This is when sit your phone loving butt in a parking space so you can send a text BEFORE you pull out of a spot.

#3.)  Talking in public bathrooms.   Talking to someone while you're using a public bathroom... It's creepy. Not only will the person you've called have the chance to hear your "business" but also everyone else's flushing toilets and running faucets. If there's a Dyson AirBlade (or whatever it's called)hand drier... You'll deafen your phone partner.

#4.)  Endless text conversations.  OK... SERIOUSLY!?! I, nor anyone else in your vicinity want to hear your text sounder/vibration go off a hundred and forty-two thousand times. Send a couple of quick messages, we don't care. But if your working out the engine ignition system failure on the S.S. Yourestupid a two minute phone call is faster and less annoying.