This Wednesday is Valentine's Day. Have you been looking forward to this day ever since Christmas....or at least Groundhog Day? Maybe you're a hopeless romantic. Here's some of the signs.

You have a Pinterest wedding board. All you need is the groom.

You were married when you were 10. In an unofficial wedding ceremony at the elementary school playground with a dandelion bouquet, I married Vicky when I was 10. She was a cougar....she was 12.

When you aren't with the one you love, you snuggle the pillow. You pretend it's his/her shoulder and you whisper into it. At least the pillow doesn't snore.

You cry at the movies. I cried when I went to see "The Post." It has an Oscar nomination for Best Picture and it stars my favorite actor, Tom Hanks so it must be good right. I cried because I wasted two hours of my life...and $10 poorer.

PDA isn't gross. It's a public declaration of affection and is cute as a wedding ceremony.

These are just some of the signs. If you or someone you know possess these symptoms immediately take some wine....That way you just won't care anymore.

[via Glamour]