Tara figuring out math

WHAT IS GOING ON WITH OUR SCHOOLS IN NEW YORK?  Look what was sent home with Tara.

"You have probably heard a little about our math changes in N.Y.  One thing that has occurred is the curriculum has become more difficult.  What had been taught in 5th grade in the past, for example, is being introduced in 4th grade.


Also, it isn’t just the more challenging curriculum we are facing, but there are different approaches to teaching/learning as well. This may make your understanding of what we are doing more difficult. I will keep this in mind as I assign homework through the year.

I may feel that the lesson covered, and how it is to be done, may be way too confusing for families to figure out, and if that is the case, the homework may be “drill” on math facts rather than review of the day’s lesson.

If I think there is a chance that families may be able to work with the homework, I will be sure to include notes from the day’s lesson to help guide you and explain."  WOW

I've spoken to some teachers and they don't seem to be very happy with it either.  Tara has 2 college educated parents, an older brother and sister, and we aren't much help for her here.

Not too mention the fact that math scores have been low so lets make it more difficult...makes no sense.  If the parents, kids and teachers all hate it wouldn’t you think that is a pretty good indication something is wrong?

The problem seems to be something called Common Core State Standards Initiative or CCSSI.  There is a lot of information that is leaving many confused.  So a group has been formed called Stop Common Core in New York. You can read more about it here. Others are taking action and trying to get Gov. Cuomo's attention.  One group is Fix NY Schools. To find out more about this organization go here.

I have an idea.  If the kids can't learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn. That makes sense to me.