Every neighborhood has a house Halloween night candy seekers can't wait to go to- the house that hands out full sized candy bars. And every neighborhood also has the house that every kid avoids because they're notorious for handing out raisins.

But what are you to do if you're new to a neighborhood and don't know which house is which? Well, Target has your back.

The major retailer has put together a new website designed to help trick-or-treaters find the best locations for candy and also the best places to see awesomely Halloween decoration decked out houses.

The website and app is called called Treatster and not only lets users search for the best trick-or-treating locations in their neighborhoods, but also allows people to vote for houses that offer especially good treats.

Want people to stop by your haunted house? Use the app to place a pumpkin on your house on the map and then tell your friends to upvote your house if you really want to make sure people stop by.

Top trick-or-treating houses are also marked on the map by pumpkins, and the more upvotes a house gets, the larger the pumpkin marker grows.

Think of it as Yelp for Halloween candy.

Here's my problem with this app. What if you 're a bad guy and you want to lure little kids to your place? This app makes it really easy to get people to stop by. The whole bait and switch business, you know.

If you plan to use this app on Halloween, please don't use it alone and don't allow your kids to go anywhere without you stuck to their sides like glue.