Sustainable Office Solutions was founded in 2009 and is a family business with the owner, Andy Picco, his two sons Chris and Drew and his two nephews JJ and Steven. S.O.S. was started based on the information that over 1,500,000 tons of office furniture get thrown away to the landfills in the USA every year and some of this is only a few years old! Our emphasis is driven by what the customers wants, not what we want to sell or need too. Our main customer is typically a Start Up, Entrepreneur, Non-profit or Small business who values their cash and what they spend, and we turn things around very quickly! We are different in the fact that we supply not only new product in good, better and best quality/budget range but also pre-owned options that come with 3 year warranty. If you need 100 work stations, we can get them, 500 chairs, we can get them with the option of new or pre-owned. As a Full Service dealer, we will provide the client an on-site visit, take measurements, provide a 2D and a 3D drawings with estimate and ultimately deliver and install for less.