Vital Stats:

Name: Andrew Singer
Age: 20
From: Whitney Point, New York
Singing Experience: Started at 8 years old
Heroes: His grandfather and parents
Favorite Country Artist: Luke Bryan "He has a new sound; it's modern country."
Country Crush: "I'm afraid to say Taylor Swift. But, Taylor Swift."

The Inside Scoop:

Country music fans, meet Whitney Point's Andrew Singer.

Yes, that is his real last name, which in some 'the fates have aligned' cosmic-sense, The Hitmaker Challenge could be his destiny.

A Hawk listener since he was three years old, Andrew said of 98.1 The Hawk,

"It's the only thing that plays in my car."

Andrew currently works in steel, while pursuing his passion for music. He sings every day and dabbles in guitar playing. Andrew said that coming from a small town, nobody expects much and he wants to show that anybody can do anything they put their mind to. He wants his talents to get noticed and hopes the Hitmaker Challenge will draw out all of the rich talent in the Southern Tier.

Heaping more evidence on the notion that the 'singer' surname isn't a coincidence, Andrew comes from a talented musical family. His uncle has performed with Kenny Rogers and his Dad's won contests on cruise ships and other various competitions. Andrew's performed at Tioga Downs, Texas Roadhouse, and family reunions. He nearly won a contest at Tioga Downs, but the judges discovered he was under 18 and couldn't qualify.

On country music's influence in his life:

"I was raised around country music. My Dad would sing it all the time and led me into it."

To the country music skeptic:

"Look back to your roots - country music's a big part of this country."

To potential voters:

"This would mean a lot to me. Somebody doesn't expect you to come out of nowhere and rise to anything. You always give it a shot."


Here's his song. Give it a listen and get ready to cast your vote after the 10 contestants have been profiled.