It's the 2 hour season premiere of American Idol on Fox 40 tonight at 8pm. Many people are excited because Harry Connick Jr. is going to be a judge. Less drama and more fun. I'm excited because I hear that someone from the area is on tonight's episode.

There are several changes to the show. The biggest change that I'm looking forward to is the 3 judges, Keith Urban, J-Lo and Harry. Keith and Harry remind me of the chemistry that Blake Shelton and Adam Levine have on The Voice. These 3 seem like they want to be there and they care about the contestants and not themselves.

More current songs: The new Idol producers have made a point of freshening up the song list with more contemporary choices. Also, the show will offer more "wide-open themes" so no one is forced into a particular song or genre.

Top 13 to come fast: An additional taping in Santa Monica brought the post Hollywood Week group down to 30 contestants, 15 boys and 15 girls. From this group, America will vote in a final 10 and each judge will have an additional "wild card" pick. This is how Clay Aiken had a second chance. The cut from 30 to 10 will be in one week.

No more sob stories for sob's sake: They want to champion the everyman. They won't have that extra layer of sap. They don't want to tug at the heartstrings and then vote in someone who can't sing. They want great stories and great people.

I hear that there will be less bad auditions aired in the early rounds. I'll be honest that was one of the parts of American Idol I liked. I haven't watch Idol in quite a few years but I'm looking forward to tonight. Good luck to all especially Kaitlyn.