Don't the airlines get it?  They continue to find ways to get more and more money from the consumer.  The extra luggage fee, priority seating fee and now the "Sit Together" fee.

If two or more relatives want to sit together, they have to pay or fight the flight attendant.  John and Amanda from Florida booked there flight 7 months ago.  The airline changed the plane for the return trip and were told that the family would be separated.  John contacted customer service and was told the problem could be solved with  a 60 dollar 'sit together' fee.  I think that if you can do if for 60 bucks, then you can also do it for free,  especially when the airline is the one that made the change.  John was even told to take it up with the gate agents and flight attendants, who will deal with it before boarding.  Oh good,  pass the blame on to the attendants who have nothing to do with the mix up.   The good news is after an inquiry by the media, American Airlines was inspired to fix the glitch and sit them together for free.

The 'Families Flying Together Act of 2012' has been introduced to help solve the problem.  Airlines wonder how come they are in danger of going out of business.

I think this could have other results.  I'm flying and then I'm sitting next to a crying kid, I might be willing to pay the 60 bucks to have the child  moved back.  I'm kidding of course.........I might pay 80.