I'm not here to slander any company. Slander would be if I wasn't telling the truth, lies to hurt the company or person. This blog is based on numbers from the Wall Street Journal. Now... I refuse to tell you who I have TV service, so not to endorse or degrade. Trust me it's not who you assume it is. But, I am going to tell you I am tired of the whole set up not working correctly, EVER! I'm tired of the "I don't care about you it's just another day at the office" attitude from the customer care representatives, the lack of updated equipment I pay for monthly and the ever increasing (even though I've changed nothing) bill. Do you agree? So doesn't the rest of America. We have all of these options to choose from. We can watch shows on the internet and can get an inexpensive HD antenna to get local programming. But we stay with these horrible providers because they put all of the content in one little box. In a horrible one size fits all packaging plan none of us have ever fully utilized. I watch MAYBE 5 channels out of the 1 million I have to accept on the lowest package.

Let's take a peek at the net change in U.S. residential video subscribers for the third quarter.

DirecTV: +67,000
Cablevision (CVC): -10,000
Dish Network (DISH): -19,000
Charter Communications (CHTR): -73,000
Comcast (CMCSA): -117,000
Time Warner Cable (TWC): -140,000

Source: The Wall Street Journal.

DirecTV did well but the rest... Bad huh? Combine all six companies and you'll find that the cable and satellite TV industry as a whole finished the period with 292,000 fewer subscribers than they had just three months ago.

Hey! Where is everyone? Where did all of the customers go?

AWAY... That's where. America says fix this, or we'll find other options, thanks.