Well, all you ice fishing and ice derby fans, I have sad news.  The Almost Annual Crappie Derby is once again living up (or down if you will) to it's name.

It's been cancelled again this year.  The Broome County Department of Parks and Recreation has determined there is not enough ice thickness at the Whitney Point Lake to safely hold the ice fishing tournament.

This is the second year that it's been cancelled because of the weather (darn that global warming.)  A fun event to enjoy with your kids and friends alike.  It's a friendly competition that's educational as well.  They have a Meteorologist from NOAA on hand to talk to kids about weather.  They also drill a hole in the ice and put a camera in the water so you can see what it looks like.

It's an event I look forward too and I don't even fish.  I enjoy watching the kids show off the fish they catch. There's also something about having coffee on a frozen lake that makes the day special as well.  They are re-scheduling the event for January 25th 2014, so mark your calendar and save the date now.  It's one of the times, that I hope the third time is the charm.