It was on this date, March 10th,1876 that Alexander Graham Bell made the first phone call to Thomas Watson in the next room. Did you know that his mother and wife were deaf and Alexander was developing the telephone to communicate with the deaf? Well here's some other things you may not have known.

5) He considered this invention an intrusion on his real work as a scientist and refused to have a telephone in his studio.  Now we have fits if we forget our cell phone in the other room.

4) His first words on the telephone was "Mr. Watson.... come here.... I want to see you."  In fact his first words were "Mr Watson...come here...I need you to put 10 bucks down on the NY Knicks game.

3) No one really knows what his 2nd words were. I believe it was "I'd like to sell you siding. Oh you're eating dinner? Well this will only take a minute of your time.

2) To his close relatives and friends he was called "Aleck." He was known for being smart so is that where "Smart Aleck" came from.....probably not but I got ya thinking.

1) Bell is also credited with the invention of the metal detector. The device was put together in an attempt to find the bullet in President James Garfield. According to accounts, the metal detector worked flawlessly in tests but did not find the assassin's bullet because the metal bed frame on which the President was lying disturbed the instrument.The president's surgeons, who were skeptical of the device, ignored Bell's requests to move the president to a bed without metal springs. No jokes here, I found this incredibly fascinating and assassination is not funny.

We owe a lot to Aleck because of this device. If it weren't for the invention of the telephone, the office receptionist would have a much easier job.