The Taste of Country Music Festival is happening right now at Hunter Mountain and Alecia Clark of Windsor is there sharing her photos with us and we thought we'd share them with you too so that you can see all the awesomeness. Remember, if you're not going today or tomorrow, you can watch the webcast for free and info on how to do that is here.

As Alecia sends more pics, we'll update the gallery.

My friend Shaun is working security at Taste of Country Fest and he sent me this very awesome picture of Montgomery Gentry's truck that carries all their equipment.  Pretty snazzy, huh?

Shaun the Security Guard

Shaun the Security Guard also sent me this pic of Justin Moore's equipment trailer. Justin looks smokin' hot!

Shaun the Security Guard

Speaking of my friend Shaun who's working security, we checked in with him this morning:

Chad Johnson of Endicott called me last night and held up his phone so that I could hear Lo Cash Cowboys when they were on stage and they sounded phenomenal.  From everything I'm seeing and hearing from Hawk listeners, Taste of Country Music Fest is going to go down in history as an amazing experience!

Speaking of Chad, he just called me (it's now 6:20pm on Friday night) and told me while he was waiting for his fiance who was using the restroom, a man walked up to him and gave him a pass to meet Montgomery Gentry.  How awesome is that?!?  Chad promised he'll take pictures for us!

*7:35pm Friday- Justin Moore is on stage and security guard Shaun just sent this to me:

Justin Moore on stage!

Amy Hand of Waverly sent me this pic of Craig Campbell performing.  Looks like the rain finally let up!

Craig Campbell

What's better than watching Craig Campbell perform?  Um, how about meeting him?  This came to me via Twitter from Cindy Short

Cindy Short with Lo Cash Cowboys and Craig Campbell

Ever wonder what stage set up looks like before the show starts?  Wonder no more!

Heather Soulsby of Johnson City and her friend Kory are whooping it up at Taste of Country Fest:

Heather and Kory

If you know someone at Taste of Country who's got pics they'd like to share, feel free to invite them to email me at!