Sometimes traditional country music is the best. If you put Alan Jackson's song 'Good Time' up against Brantley Gilbert's 'Kick It In The Sticks' you will feel the difference in styles.

It seemed that the Southern Tier had a really great time  with traditional country music at the concert last night! Glenn & I introduced Kristen Kelly. She opened the show with a lot of music we haven't heard from her yet, and of course some we have; including a Conway Twitty cover of Slow Hand!

Glenn and I gathered up our Meet & Greet crowd and escorted them backstage where we all happily got our pictures taken with Alan Jackson. We all went back to our seats and enjoyed an Awesome display of country music. I noticed the most awesome thing during the show. A young lady named Jo at the corner of the stage. I thought at first she was dancing, but when I looked closer, she was signing! Alan Jackson had a fan or two that were enjoying the concert via sign language! AMAZING! The show stopper of the evening was when Alan played "Where I Come From". The video boards came alive with LOCAL shots of the city! All carefully in sync with the words of the song! It was so awesome that after the show fans were asking how to get a copy of the video! After The show I got to hang out with some of the stage guys for a short. We've been friends for years and it was cool to see them here after the busy road schedule!

On another note, there's always that one person, you know who I'm talking about. The guy or gal that makes your concert experience less than savory. Some of our concert experience was blocked for the area that I and about five of our listeners were in by a woman. She made it quite impossible to take a close up picture of Alan or even see where he might have been throwing out freebies to the crowd. She pulled off this magical feat by thrusting her hat in the air, in front of all of our faces, and waving it around so none of us could see anything. If you are reading this Ms. Hatintheair. After the 50th time you blocked our view... we had fantasies of throwing your hat in a volcano. For future reference... leave it resting over your blonde hair, it looks great there. Thanks.