This is possibly the most spectacular thing I’ve ever heard of a business doing. A true act of kindness that has left the world speechless and me in tears.

A Canadian airline called WestJet set up a virtual Santa station at two different airports where passengers and their kids could look into a video screen and tell Santa what it was they wanted for Christmas. And people did it because they didn’t have much else to do while waiting for their flight. Little did they know what was about to happen.

While the passengers where in the air traveling to their destination, the airline got 150 volunteers together to go from store to store to buy the stuff that the passengers asked Santa for.

When the passengers landed and got to baggage claim, the presents came out on the conveyor belt with their names on them!

One kid got a tablet, several people got flights home for the holidays and one family got a 50 inch big screen TV. One guy jokingly asked Santa for socks and underwear and that’s what he got.

Check out how it went down: