I went to Knobels during my vacation with the girls(Riley/Tara) and their friends.

Tara had her one flip flop bust in the first hour there. I tried to fix with string....Silly Daddy. So I came up with this idea next.  Lets buy her new ones. The one flip flop was bothering her a little. I was lucky, the flip flop that was giving her problems could be replaced with the old flip flop that wasn't busted.

I'm told that's the way kids like to wear them these days (along with mix matched socks.)  So she looked fashionable and I told everyone (until now) that I got them for her that way.

One little piece of advice: If your going anywhere that requires a lot of walking, take extra footwear.  I also learned to take an umbrella. I looked like I went on the Sploosh water ride several times.