Ever sent out and email to the wrong person? It's a nightmare. Just discussed this with a friend the other day, and boy was she embarrassed! How about if you emailed your cyber session to 80 of your math students?

On Tuesday, a teacher's assistant at the University of Iowa was emailing out a study guide to the students in her pre-calculus class.  But somehow she attached the wrong file to the email . . . and accidentally sent her HOMEMADE HAPPY TIME VIDEO instead.

The email said, quote, "Hi class, I attach the solutions for number 76 and 78 in this email."  Only it wasn't the solutions to 76 and 78 . . . it was her and a guy over a video chat.  And apparently it was VERY explicit.

Yesterday, a spokesman from the University of Iowa said, quote, "The individual who sent the messages has stated that it was an accident.  She regrets her actions."  He also asked students to delete it and not pass it around... YEAH RIGHT!

And according to a tip from a student, the teachers assistant taught her regularly scheduled discussion session yesterday morning.  She apparently was trying to act like nothing happened but was clearly very rattled.  "No one said anything about it but it was extremely awkward." said one of the students.

She has, as of today been reassigned to a different class. She remains a TA but is performing non-teaching duties.

I will NOT post any of the photos from the email here...