The countdown to the Big Game is on. Is this the year that you're hosting the party at your house? Are you prepared? Here's a game plan for a winning Sunday according to those who know more about it than me....and what I think.

5) Fun party favors. According to the experts: Create your own sidelines action with themed trinkets. People like to get silly and can created their own halftime show with fun little toys.  Glenn: When I read this I thought this was a suggestion from a woman.....It was not. The only thing men want to do during the halftime show is fill up on food and use the bathroom. The only reason I can see for doing "Fun party favors" at this party is because you never ever want to have the party at your house again.

4) Sweet Treats. Expert: Football shaped chocolate covered strawberries, theme cookies, and cupcakes will score big with fans. They also make great gifts. Glenn: Are you sure this isn't for a Edible Arrangement party.

3) Savory snacks. Expert: Create a popcorn station with different flavors. Popcorn plus popcorn flavors is all you need.  Glenn: That's all you need if you want to get beat up. If you're going to have a popcorn station, you better have a beer station right next to it.  It's amazing what guys will over look if booze is involved.

2) Hot stuff. Expert: Make a big pot of chili and serve with grated cheese, jalapenos and sour cream. Glenn: Finally something that sounds like a football party event. Although I'm not sure about the sour cream. Most guys would prefer to see Hot Stuff cheering on the sidelines.

1) Buck of Beverages. Expert: Free up fridge space by "filling a tub with beers and soft drinks." A metal wash tub works great and you can use it again at the backyard BBQ this summer. Glenn: Now it's a real football type of party. This is also a great way to make sure your friends don't go through your fridge.

OK, so you don't need an expert to tell you how to have a successful football party. Here's my top 5 suggestions for a successful party: Pizza, wings, snacks, beverages and more pizza. One phone call can take care of all that...OK, maybe 2.