Traci and I love our morning coffee. It helps us through the show.  Sometimes I wonder if Traci puts something "special" in it....because nothing else would explain my behavior. Well now there is a study from the Mayo Clinic that says drinking 4 or more cups of coffee a day can increase the risk of dying from a list of diseases.  My thoughts:

5) Can I get a list of the diseases? If it's not a big one it might be worth it.

4) If I drink too much coffee, will it be covered by Obamacare.......Silly question, nothing much will be covered by Obamacare.

3)  The liability insurance premiums at your favorite coffee shop could go up.  They wouldn't raise coffee prices because of that right......right.

2) I decided to drink less cups.....Not less coffee, I use bigger cups.

1) So this is about me making a choice. So do I choose to drink less coffee or do I choose to read less studies???? I think that's an easy choice. 

There are conflicting stories on whether it's good or bad, so I say drink away. They can take my coffee when they pry it from cold, dead hands....Okay that's a bit dramatic