I have to admit that I'm terrible when it comes to knowing how much to tip. I have an app on my phone that calculates how much I should give, but what my app doesn't tell me is how much I should tip people like my hairdresser during the holidays. If you're not sure either, here's a handy little guide that should help- it's helped me!

#1.)  Doormen.  Anywhere from $10 to $100 each, depending on how much they do for you.  And you don't have to spread out the tips equally.  If one of them is nicer, give him more.

#2.)  Building Superintendents.  Again, anywhere from $10 to $100.  But tip less if you also tip him during the year.

#3.)  Barbers, Hairdressers, and Manicurists.  If you're getting your hair cut or your nails done this month, and you always go to the same person, just double your normal tip. If you're not planning to go, don't make a special trip.  Since you normally tip them when you see them, there's no need to tip them again for the holidays.

#4.)  Your Gardener.  $20 to $50.  But if you use a service that sends a different gardener every week, don't tip at all.

#5.)  Dog Walkers and Pet Sitters.  One or two weeks-worth pay.  So, if you give them $30 a week, a $60 tip is generous.

#6.)  Babysitter.  If they only babysit every now and then, don't worry about it.  But if it's on a regular basis, one or two nights' pay is good.  Or go with a gift card. If it's a full-time nanny, it should be somewhere between one week and one month's pay. For your day care staff, $25 to $70 for each staff member.  Plus a small gift from your child.

#7.)  Your Housekeeper.  If you don't normally tip them, give them about one week's pay.  But only if it's the same cleaning person every time.

#8.)  Your Mailman.  He's not allowed to receive cash, so go with a gift worth about $20.  But don't feel like you have to.  If you have more than one mailman, don't worry about it.  Or, instead of a gift, just send an email to his supervisor explaining what a great job he's done all year. FedEx doesn't allow drivers to accept cash or gifts worth more than $75.  U.P.S. doesn't have a policy.

#9.)  Your Assistant at Work.  Buy them a gift worth at least $50.  If they've been with you a long time, spend more.  A gift certificate, or tickets to an event are both good.  But avoid anything too personal, like clothing or perfume.

#10.)  Miscellaneous Service People.  For more random people like your spinning instructor at the gym, or your favorite checkout person at the grocery store gift cards are usually fine.  But not necessary.