Have you ever had one of those days where everything around you seems to be spinning out of control? You feel overwhelmed and you can't make it stop. Sometimes it just takes a picture.....or is that Pitcher.

I recently was having one of those days. I felt tired both mentally and physically. I just couldn't make sense out of anything. I was probably even throwing myself a pity party. Am I the only one who throws those?

I was frustrated with everything around me.  Suddenly this picture was sent to me. WOW, I must have looked at it for over 5 minutes. My day felt a whole lot better.

It helped me to realize that no matter how my day is, there is somebody that is happy when I'm around. Her smile makes me smile. Sometimes it takes just a moment to make all the other moments worth it.

If you're feeling stressed, overwhelmed or just plain tired out. Remember there is somebody somewhere that is glad you're here.  Thanks to Sarah and Wendy’s Walk for Kids for sending me the picture, it certainly brightened my day.