Once upon a time, Binghamton New York had 125,000 industrial workers producing 165 million in manufacturing revenue.  While you and I may not remember this time in history, I do recall many stories from my father, mother, aunts and uncles who were a part of this exciting time in Binghamton history.

1951 was a much more simple time in Binghamton. Manufacturing was humming, technology as we know it was barely on the radar, farms were everywhere and roads were being planned to make Binghamton and the Southern Tier a much more progressive city.

I often wondered what my hometown city looked like in earlier days.  This promotional film from the New York State Thruway Authority gives you a rare glimpse of what Binghamton looked like before the Vestal Parkway, the Oakdale Mall, the Arena and B-Mets stadium.  And if you look at the cars in this film, before seat belts were the law.