A guy got arrested this week in Florida after he showed up NAKED on the porch of a random house. The guy claims he had a very good reason to be there, but wait until you hear what the reason was.

The guy claims he was naked on the porch of a house at 3:45 in the morning because he was going to propose to his girlfriend. How romantic, right?  Not so much and not so much for the people in the house who didn’t even know who he was.

The owner of the house called 911 and said he didn’t know who the guy was or what he was going on his porch.  Then he told the operator that the guy was taking his pants off.  Imagine all this going down on your front porch in front of your neighbors!

When the cops got there, Thomas got MAD at them and ended up spitting on one of them.  So the cops tased Thomas and arrested him. He's been charged with indecent exposure, battery on an officer, and burglary.

So did Thomas end up proposing?  He's still in jail, so we don’t know.

Source: Click Orlando