I have to say... this is a brilliant scheme, although I'd be SO ANGRY if my parents ever fell for this when they were alive.

Earlier this year, a 72-year-old man and his 64-year-old wife in Perth, Australia were searching for vacation info online and believed they won a contest on a local travel website.  They were awarded a free trip to Canada plus brand new luggage.

Problem here is the entire thing was a huge scam.  The people who created the contest were just searching for an older couple to be drug smugglers without knowing it.

So when the couple was in Canada earlier this month with their new luggage, someone broke into their room and replaced it with identical luggage . . . that had seven-pound bags of meth, worth seven million dollars , hidden inside.

Fortunately, the couple eventually thought things were suspicious and asked customs officials in Canada to check their bags as they were leaving.  Customs found the drugs in their suitcases . . . and more importantly, BELIEVED THEM!

Police arrested a 38 year old man in Australia who was waiting at the airport to meet the couple and get the drugs out of their suitcases.  There's no word on whether there have been any arrests in Canada.