Yesterday when I spoke of "My Thoughts On Robin Williams Taking His Own Life", some of you said I was ugly or judgmental of Robin. Either I was not clear enough (which could be the case as I wrote that discussion while on air and doing a million things at once), or we just had a break down of what I was trying to say. But, I digress...  Rich Birdsall being judgmental of Robin Williams... That is not the case at all. This man is a legend, someone who in the face of adversity still managed to brighten the days and nights of so many. Including sick children in extended hospital stays! He will truly be missed. I was simply making the statement that we cannot make suicide a positive note. It's horrible to suggest to people considering the act of suicide that it is a "freeing" option. That it's a peaceful end to a valiant fight. We need to cease the responses to suicide that make the act seem OK. Healing is, in my mind, the ONLY option.

There are so many of us young and old that have been through unimaginable things that we cannot deal with ourselves and need someone, or a group of people to help us through. If this means leaving our jobs and everyday life to go be in a helpful situation for extended periods of time, then so be it. Anything to save the existence of a unique and great person. No matter who you are and work to help you make a fulfilling life.

We have however, because of this tragic event been able in the last few days, to talk about mental health issues openly and honestly. Robin may have just paved the way to a broader understanding and urgency of this illness. Much like "Do It For Darin" that we have here locally. That would be the only positive thing we all have gained from losing him, Darin or anyone to mental illness.

I am not heartless. I worry. I worried about the man I met on the street two days ago as he was taken to the hospital for this very same illness. I just plead with you, the general public, to not rationalize the end of life with a "Well he/she was very sick for a long time. Now they are finally free." attitude.

Suicide IS NOT OK. You are so much more special, and loved by so many to to take yourself away forever.

If you or someone you know is thinking that suicide is an option do us a favor and contact the local love and support of The Mental Health Association Of The Southern Tier

153 Court St
Binghamton, NY
(607) 771-8888