Not to even mention buying items at a yard sale and reselling them on auction sites... you may have some of these things just laying around your garage or attic that could bring you some good money and added space! Here's 8 things to look for and consider selling!

1. Vintage Electronics
I always stop to check them out. Theres a huge market for some of those old radios and old media playing devices out there. Old computers, CB Radios, Record Players, old radios. Many people just want that radio they had when they were young, or maybe they love to dress up their existing sound systems with vintage parts. Some of these older electronics have been manufactured in a way that is no longer replicated. They may even just need the parts from another same item to restore their own!

2. Power Tools
Everyone who works with their hands needs tools. Drills, saws, cordless and corded. I used to pick used cordless tools up up at yard sales to find the batteries where fried most of the time. you can find new power packs online or if your handy, do what I did. Open up that power pack. Most of the time you will find standard non labelled C or D rechargeable cells  inside the pack. Grab your soldering iron, and some new lithium ion batteries and get to changing them out! Now you've got that drill you loved so much with longer lasting faster charging batteries!

3. Music
LP's, Tapes, CD's people are always looking for music. Look here comes a buyer who's child used his favorite Doors CD as a Frisbee.. You have that album don't you?

4. Gold and Silver
YES YOU CAN find these. Here's a tip: Poke through all that old costume jewelry in that box on your dresser. Your Great Grandmother may have always worn pearls, you may not remember her wearing that flapper style necklace  from when she was a kid. The silver one, with ruby's on it??

5. Sell Your Clothing
Old clothing has appeal to so many people it's crazy. Old Levis make tons of money. Do your research on the labels and styles before you plaster a price dot for .50 on those garments.

6. Vintage Collectibles
All those old kick Knacks and bricka-brack could be valuable! DO YOUR RESEARCH! People want these! You may not. Sell it!

7. Video Games, Consoles and their Accessories
I am guilty. I buy these. Why? I can still play them. The technolgy of the game play has surpassed the mid 30's working man. We want Q-Bert, Sonic The Hedgehog, Mario Cart, and all the games we know, love and sold when were 13 to have money for the new Young MC Cassette. We always want them back! Sell Them!!

8. Books
Some people still like books. Now as you know everything is on electronic devices. there's nothing like the feel of a book in while you read. actually turning the pages, the smell of the paper and old glue. People buy books. Sell them!

If you have these Items and would love to put them out in front of a huge amount of people, you should join us for the Worlds Largest Yard Sale! It's May 31st at The Broome County Fairgrounds in Whitney Point! If you haven't thought to click on the link up there to reserve your spot you can click--> Here as well!