Sometimes I wish I could go back to my younger years just so that I could slow down and really enjoy every moment. I don't know about you, but I was in such a rush to grow up and now that I'm an adult, I long for the simpler days of my youth, when everything was...well, pretty amazing. My 90's loving self can't tell you how excited I am that Surge and Crystal Pepsi have made a comeback and I'm totally loving this 90's revival we're in right now. If only they'd bring back 3D Doritos, my life would be complete.

Are you ready for some facts from our youth that will leave you mind blown? Here we go!

1.) Remember Steve Urkel? Yeah, he's 40-years old now.

2.) It's now been nearly 16 years since we've been able to sip on some SqueezeIt (every kid was envious of their classmate who showed up with one of those in their lunchbox at school) and lemon-flavored Pepsi Twist.

3.) Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale are a thing of the past and so is the duet she did with Eve. "Let Me Blow Your Mind" is 16 years-old. 16 years. I'm 37. That means the song has been part of my life since I was 21-years-old. How is that possible?

4.) It was 10 years ago that the first iPhone went on sale, but 13 years since the Motorola Razor hit the market. You know, the cool flip phone that everyone HAD to have. These days, my two-year-old walks around with my old flip phone like a boss. Back then I would have been appalled if someone had suggested I'd find it in a box 13 years later and let my kid play with it!

Traci Taylor

5.) The first "Friends" episode aired 23 years ago... and the final episode aired 12 years ago. If you're keeping track, the Motorola flip phone came out the same year that "Friends" walked out of our lives.

6.) It's been a decade since we've been able to buy a classic Disney VHS tape and my little boy thanks you for unloading all your Disney VHS tapes at Salvation Army because we've snagged virtually every Disney VHS tape known to man for .97 each. I always knew that holding on my old a VCR would be a good idea!

7.) Ah, yes the "Macarena." The song that nobody really knew the words to, so we just faked our way through it while doing the dance. The "Macarena" is legal this year, turning 21.

8.) And finally, I leave you with this. Kids who graduated high school this year are officially the last class to have been born in the 90's.

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