For a country that's considered LAZY, Americans sure do work sick a lot. I do, and will not comment on which one of the situations it is below.  But, we've gotten to the point where employers have to call meetings during cold and flu season to remind us. If you are sick, STAY HOME. We don't need you here half productive and getting everyone else sick.

Almost 75% of Americans say they go to work when they're sick as a dog.  Here are the top six reasons why . . .

28% of people say they're ESSENTIAL.   So, I guess the company would crumble without them? lol

18% have too much work to do. I've been there, it stinks.

15% don't get paid sick days.

12% don't want to be seen as a slacker.

11% are saving their sick days for when their kids get sick.

And 8% of people are afraid of being FIRED! It is unfortunate if we work in this kind of environment eh?