Nobody likes to cut corners but sometimes it's essential.  With holiday bills and tax time knocking at your door, money could get tight.

Here are a few ways you can keep more jingle in your pocket.

1.  Make your own coffee.  Buy a simple coffee maker and watch how much money you will save.  If you miss carrying around those paper cups with the silly little lids, you can stock up at Maines or buy yourself a giant ceramic mug.

2.  Cook at home.  It's nice to have people wait on you but eating out at restaurants really adds up.  It's also safer to cook at home.  You don't know what they are doing to your food in those kitchens.

3.  Bring your lunch.  If you're cooking at home, you should have left overs and therefore you can bring them for lunch the next day and save a fortune.

4.  Grocery shop on a full stomach.  Eat before you shop, go with a list and shop when you are in a hurry and watch the savings.

5.  Pay your bills on time to avoid late fees.  Who wants to pay more than your bill.  Try to avoid charging on your credit card unless you have the money to pay it off when the bill arrives.  Find out when your credit card posts and hold off purchases until the new billing cycle begins.  This will give you at least 30 days to replenish your bank account.

6.  Carpool.  Nobody likes the price of gas.  If carpooling is a possibility, give it a try and see how much money you save.  Even better, ride your bike if weather permits.

7.  Shop where they give you something for your money.  Shop Price Chopper or Weis and you can earn gas savings.  Last week I saved $8.00 on a fill up.  Also, look into a credit card that gives you rewards.  I bought a stove with my rewards card.