Can’t figure out your man?  You’re not alone! College Candy figured we girls could use a little help.  Here are seven things the ladies need to know about the men to understand them a little better.

Men do not know how to clean. Better yet, men will never know how to clean. It's a fact of life. No matter how much you beg or how hard you plead -- men will never, ever, ever understand what it means to have a clean bathroom. Or a clean kitchen. Or clean sheets. So pack an extra Febreze and be prepared.

Men do not gossip. Absolutely NO circumstance EVER makes it okay for men to gossip, or talk about their feelings, or express emotion with their guy friends. It. Doesn't. Ever. Happen.

Pizza is a food group. Pizza is totally a food group! When it comes to the male species, pizza is the ONLY food group.

Sex is like crying. If a man is feeling a strong emotion, be it sadness, happiness or general disdain for the world and its inhabitants, men do not solve their problems via tears. Crying is considered unethical- so, sex remains the only answer.

Men know how to prepare a gourmet meal. This is totally true, if by "gourmet" you mean Marie Callendars and by "prepare" you mean microwave.

Men want their mommy even if they won't admit it. Though they'll vehemently deny it at first, there's no point in lying: Men typically want you to treat them (read: BABY THEM) exactly like their mothers did. And if you don't follow suit, you are Satan and you have no heart.

Being sick is hell on earth. Men think women should suck it up and stop moping around and complaining when we don't feel well. If a man feels sick, the world will stop for him and wait for him to heal.

Ladies, you've been warned.