So as you might've heard Hostess went out of business. Many of the former employees of Hostess have taken to eBay to sell the fattening sweets to supplement their now, non-existent income. Others have gone a positive route

 by offering them at outrageous prices(10 million dollars) to raise money for  charity and take a cut of the proceeds.

Others have just taken this as a money making opportunity and bought a bunch of boxes and marked them up. WAY UP as you can see in the picture on the left. This was the first auction I found NOT mentioning a charity or an advertising gimmick.

These were listed to sell to take advantage of supply and demand. With no supply, hoping for an extremely large demand the price on this Twinkie auction is $6,500.00! Everyone has a comfortable price I guess. I will be watching this auction to see if anyone buys them. I wonder, if you win an auction to pay $6,500.00 for six boxes of Twinkies does the taste of victory make the treats even sweeter?