First impressions are most important... I stopped into a coffee shop today, not my usual... But I've been there before and they handed me my coffee un-stirred. Sugar syrup at the bottom, milk in the middle and iced coffee on top. If I hadn't ever been there before, what would that first impression have been? I expect a tan colored chilled delight, and I get a mess. Would you go back?

Studies have shown that your first impression will be made in the first 2 seconds of contact with another person. You have to be on your game. Lot's of pressure right? Let's see if I can help you.

1. Like I mentioned. Customers know with in two seconds whether they want to work with you or not. Keep yourself cheery and inviting and most importantly... energetic. Whether it's coffee, exercise or positive thoughts that bring you to this level, do it!

2. You need a plan, Perfect first impressions are not unplanned! Check here for a great article at to help you plan. 

3. Treat each and every person like THEY hold the keys to your success.

4. This is a science... Even our former presidents have a few tricks to connect with people! (from the Chamber of Commerce)

5. Science Magazine has some great knowledge here about what your voice does to your first impression!

6. So... you screwed it up. Second impression time! Here's some ways from that will help you ace the second impression!